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5 Benefits Of Arranging Prompt Void And Exit Cleans

5 Benefits Of Arranging Prompt Void And Exit Cleans

With the New Year fast approaching and the housing market on the verge of picking up after the autumn doldrums, landlords and councils need to be thinking ahead when it comes to void and exit cleans.

Unfortunately, some tenants may leave your property in a less than desirable state, making void and exit cleans essential before you can re-let.

1. Re-let your property fast by showing it in its best light

By arranging void and exit cleans promptly, you can be sure of optimising your chances of letting your property quickly and reducing the amount of time you’re responsible for overheads such as council tax.

2. Meet your legal responsibilities as a landlord

As a landlord you are legally responsible to provide a property that is safe and free from health hazards. Getting a professional clean will mean that your property is likely to be cleaned to a higher standard than it would otherwise be, helping you to meet your obligations as a landlord.

3. Limit the amount of cleaning or redecorating required

In some circumstances, we’ve seen properties that have been left damp and dirty, and when a void clean has been conducted after the property has been vacant for a number of weeks, mould can spread and become more difficult to shift.

4. Identify any damage early before deposits are released

During thorough void and exit cleans we often identify otherwise disguised or un-obvious damage that may have been caused by the previous tenants. Spotting these quickly can mean you can take remedial costs from the deposit before it is returned.

5. Limit your overheads

When your property is unoccupied, you, the landlord, are responsible for covering council tax and any energy bills. Your property is also more vulnerable to the risk of burst pipes too. So the longer it remains vacant, the higher the risk that pipes will freeze, potentially leading to an escape of water which can cause even further damage to your property.

Void and exit cleans don’t have to take a long time. If you book your exit clean when a tenant gives notice, our void and exit cleans team can turn a property faster. The property featured in the images above was turned around for rental within a weekend.

The risk of infection from a property left in a bad state can be a considerable. Our team of void and exit clean specialists are trained to tackle even the most daunting of exit cleans. We have plenty of experience cleaning up after messy tenants and we’ll remove any waste quickly and safely from the property. We’ll even manage the safe disposal of biohazardous waste and cleaning of the area.

To arrange your void and exit clean and minimise the length of time that your property remains uninhabited, contact Rainbow, Derby on 01332 332 834 or email us at [email protected] .